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Expats Services

E Bike Masters are specialists in electric mobility: e-bikes, fast e-bikes, electric carrier bikes to bring children to school or transport bicycles for delivering goods in a busy city.

On this website you can see a selection of e-mobility solutions that we have carefully tested on quality and price.

We strive for a good product and with a modern look. Design is allowed and that translates into stylish products. No middle of the road. You can be seen on our bikes and you will enjoy the modern technology of the new generation of e-bikes.

We facilitate sales and special expat lease offers which are designed with you to be as long as your stay in the Netherlands.

We also help you with after-sales services from maintanence and home delivery.

For any inquiry you can always communicate with us either by email or contact us by phone or by visiting us in one of our locations.

we speak Englisch, Espanjol & Francais.